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Our Philosophy

At One Tree Hill Community Kindergarten our culture embodies the spirit of whanaungataanga: we value our partnerships with parents and our community. We believe that children learn best when they have built secure relationships with their Kaiako (teachers) and each other.   

We endeavour to provide an environment where children develop a love of learning and exploration. Children are encouraged to develop perseverance and resilience through providing  experiences that offer challenge and the opportunity to revisit experiences to deepen their learning. We support children to set their own tasks and goals, fostering their disposition to be self directed learners and contribute to each others learning (ako).  We foster  children’s self confidence and self esteem by celebrating accomplishments during each child’s individual learning journey.


We acknowledge the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi and the diversity of our community.  We model and encourage respect for others and the environment around us, instilling the values of manaakitanga (caring/hospitality).  We celebrate children’s individuality and creativity to build a sense of self worth and empowerment.


Our Curriculum

At our Kindergarten our curriculum reflects the framework of Te Whariki; the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.

We ensure we regularly provide a wide range of experiences, children are able to choose where they will participate.  These learning opportunities support children to set their own tasks and goals.  This fosters their disposition to be a self directed learner.

As we notice, recognise and respond to children's learning and interests these leads to co-construction between children and teachers. Much of our planning is spontaneous to capture the 'teachable moments'.  We are flexible and encourage children to learn using their curiosity and enthusiasm, and to challenge themselves further.

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